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Our church is located just six miles outside the city limits of Franklin in Simpson County, Kentucky.  We are active members of the Southern Baptist Convention, the Kentucky Baptist Convention, and the Simpson County Baptist Association.  Sulphur Spring's congregation is filled with individuals who have been saved by God's amazing grace and love to share this with others.


We believe that we are to take God's breathed word and give it to everyone we come in contact with. God has given us all a calling to follow Him and to provide for His people.


We have been given the calling to till the ground, plant the seed, tend the crop, and gather the harvest.


Simpson County is a small quiet county nestled between Bowling Green, KY and the state line of TN. We have a lot of farm land and industry. Franklin is our county seat and is a quaint town with shops and a beautiful town square.


Jesus was sent to come and live a perfect life and show us the example of how we are supposed to live. He also suffered and died the most excruciating death for us. His blood was shed for us to give us a chance at forgiveness of our sins and secure eternal life. This is a free gift and is available to you, have you accepted this gift, if not is today your day?

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